Welcome to Obs Pasta Kitchen!

We are a weekly feeding scheme in Cape Town that offers support, community and a hot meal once a week.

We also share lifeskills and healthy ways of dealing with stress with our guests, who are mostly homeless or unemployed.

Our wellness programme, “WoW – Working on Wellness” (previously Working Wednesdays), is a life-changer programme for those ready to take the next steps.

Not just a “soup kitchen”

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

A known dilemma of charity organisations is that handouts solve short-term problems but perpetuate longer term ones. To truly help the homeless and needy our goal should be to empower these people to help themselves.

So while the Obs Pasta Kitchen solves the short-term problem of hungry bellies, we have a higher purpose and long-term plan.

The Obs Pasta Kitchen is not just about handouts. This is more than a plate of food but an introduction to a long-lasting relationship.

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You can donate directly to Obs Pasta Kitchen to support us in feeding the bellies, minds and hearts of our community!


Obs Pasta Kitchen
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Our Story

Soup kitchens are known the world over for offering a warm plate of food to the hungry. Observatory has always been a little left-of-centre and so we evolved the concept to create the Obs Pasta Kitchen. Every Wednesday evening we offer a hot bowl of pasta to the many needy residents (often homeless) and passers-through …

WOW Sessions – Working on Wellness

WOW Sessions – Working on Wellness
(Previously Working Wednesday)

We are more than just a bowl of pasta, we have an ulterior motive and that is to direct our guests to our WOW sessions.

At Obs Pasta Kitchen, we say, with love:

“We don’t want to see you forever – we want you to be uplifted”

So, we developed our Working on Wellness program, which is a space where we create inner peace in the person so that they can find a space to want to change and we support that change.

Free weekly community-based workshops teaching human values & healthy stress relief using yoga and meditation techniques – open to all Pasta Kitchen guests and those in need of support, those wanting to elevate their lives and ready to change.

“We don’t do small change, we do BIG CHANGE.”
Big positive change!” – Kiki

Using tools of yoga and meditation we aim to empower individuals to create inner peace leading to peace in our community.

We can work together in creating a stronger community.

WOW Sessions are also taking place in partnership with Streetscapes – Gardens and Kuilsriver.

Working on Wellness (WOW) sessions: 

Wellness Wednesdays: 10am – 11:30am

Where?  Youth Solutions Africa – 47 Shelley Rd, Salt River

Freedom Fridays: 10:30am -12pm

Where? Virgin Active yoga/pilates studio – Cnr Wembley & McKenzie Street Wembley Square North, Gardens (Meet at reception)