Welcome to Obs Pasta Kitchen!

We are a weekly feeding scheme in Cape Town that offers support, community and a hot meal once a week.

We also share lifeskills and healthy ways of dealing with stress with our guests, who are mostly homeless or unemployed.

Our wellness programme, “WoW – Working on Wellness” (previously Working Wednesdays), is a life-changer programme for those ready to take the next steps.

Not just a “soup kitchen”

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

A known dilemma of charity organisations is that handouts solve short-term problems but perpetuate longer term ones. To truly help the homeless and needy our goal should be to empower these people to help themselves.

So while the Obs Pasta Kitchen solves the short-term problem of hungry bellies, we have a higher purpose and long-term plan.

The Obs Pasta Kitchen is not just about handouts. This is more than a plate of food but an introduction to a long-lasting relationship.

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WOW Sessions – Working on Wellness

WOW Sessions – Working on Wellness
Previously Working Wednesday

Every Wednesday from 9:30am-11am we meet at number 9 Shelley street hall for a free Human Values and Life skills workshop open to all guests who attend our Obs Pasta Kitchen or are living in Observatory.

Using tools of yoga and meditation we aim to empower the individual to create inner peace leading to peace in our community. We invite all residents of Observatory to join us.

WOW Sessions are also taking place in partnership with Streetscapes in Vredehoek gardens every Monday and in Kuilsriver on a Wednesday.


Our Story

Soup kitchens are known the world over for offering a warm plate of food to the hungry. Observatory has always been a little left-of-centre and so we evolved the concept to create the Obs Pasta Kitchen. Every Wednesday at 6pm we offer a hot bowl of pasta to the many needy residents (often homeless) and …


Volunteers welcome!

Contact us on obspastakitchen@gmail.com or on social media @obspastakitchen on Instagram and Facebook.


You can donate directly to Obs Pasta Kitchen to support us in feeding the bellies, minds and hearts of our community! Snap to donate below or hit this link.

For 18A tax certificates for donations of R1000 or over please pay towards our bank and email obspastakitchen@gmail.com with your proof of payment and full details.

Money donations are accepted via PayPal, EFT or Snapscan.




International Association for Human Values, the Sister organisation of the Art of Living: http://www.iahv.org/za-en

First National Bank
Lenasia branch – code 250737
Acc number 62045616119
Ref: name/company ObsPasta


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